Our Eco Promise

B Bakes London is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, and strives to be an environmentally conscious brand. As a small business this means making small, but meaningful changes, that ultimately contributes to making a larger impact on our world. 

Wherever possible, I will strive to use recyclable and compostable materials in the production and packaging of my creations.  

Occasionally, some of the materials used in the presentation or structuring of your cake cannot be  recycled.  If this is not possible,  I encourage customers to either repurpose these at home, or I am happy to receive these items back to be cleaned and reused. Drop me a message to let me know what you’d like to return and if it’s reusable I’ll cover the postage to send it back!

Small steps to help make a change

recyclable packaging 

Fully recyclable cardboard boxes and cards

Non-plastic coated labels and stickers

Business cards printed on recycled card

Reducing single-use plastic and materials

Compostable starch-based cellophane wrap in place of plastic wrapping 

Compostable and recyclable labels, stickers and adhesive tape

The use of compostable internal cake structure materials where possible, e.g. bamboo skewers and paper sticks.

Reducing emissions 

B Bakes London utilises an electric vehicle for all journeys, reducing emissions during deliveries

Want to chat more?

Would you like to talk more about how we can reduce our environmental impact, either as a customer, or as a business? If so, please click below, or email me on info@bbakes.co.uk